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In 1992 Riki Gee came over to my house, ostensibly to play fiddles together. Riki soon got out his guitar and started playing a bunch of songs he had written back in the 70's. He said he wanted to write songs that didn't sound like any other songs ever written. I think he succeeded. I got out my trusty four track and the result was the cult classic The Dark Monkey is Laughing”:

recorded and mixed by JEFF BIRD at TY TYRFU in the year of the Monkey by two Monkeys

JEFF BIRD, 8 string bass, double bass, mandolin, fiddle, percussion, vocals, tarka, bombarde, keyboards,

RIKI GEE, vocals, guitar, fiddle


"...the effect is not much like anything I could name, unless it were a

David Lindley/ William Burroughs/Philip Glass/Brian Eno album."

"There is some remarkable poetry and some wonderful music here: it is highly recommendable for those with a taste for the out of the ordinary."

“Dirty Linen”