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1980 rereleased 2007


Back in the late 1970's James Gordon, Randy Sutherland and myself started a little band called TAMARACK. We played the traditional music of Canada's European Imperalists. Mostly celtic based, from Ireland, Scottland, England and France. We spent many years criss crossing our great nation, usually in the dead of winter, entertaining the good people. We also became part of a Canadain folk music review called MAPLE SUGAR. It gave us the great privelage and honour to perform with the cream of the crop of traditional players. GRAHAM and ELEANOR TOWNSEND, the king and queen of the Canadian fiddle, PHILLIPE BRUNEAU master of quebec button accordion. GILLES LOSIER piano, bass and fiddle from montreal and the MCGARRIGLE SISTERS camp, along with a whole host of step dancers and players. Side one of this recording was made in the Hamilton studio of DANIEL LANOIS and side two is a live recording of the MAPLE SUGAR troupe with DAWSON GIRDWOOD on fiddle and GILLES LOSIER on piano, fiddle and bass.

"to me whack fall the laddio"

"transcribed from glorious vinyl"