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For over ten years now I have been witness to a magical event that takes place in the park across the street from my house. Each winter, weather permitting, a lone figure transforms what some people would call a frozen wasteland into one of the most vibrant places in town. When I first observed this Sysyphian feat and the joy that it brought to the neighborhood, I thought to myself, “someone should document this!” I soon realized that someone was me. In the winter of 2000, 2001, I set about capturing a complete season of the Wolfond Park skating rink in Guelph, Canada; "Rink" moves beyond documentary by using original and traditional folk tales to lend a "magical" air to the film. The result is a cinematic poem that celebrates this most seasonal of Canadian events.

Here is the complete 19 minute film "RINK" Produced and Directed by JEFF BIRD Written by ROBERT PENNEE with JEFF BIRD

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