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Welcome to a retrospective of some of my favorite recordings from 30 plus years of making long playing record albums. I discoverd early on that you are not recording notes or words or even music for that matter, but magic. Here is a crazy 20 track collection of folk, jazz, rock, world, electronica, ambient, meditative magic made with the help of many beautiful musicians. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

Why Rhythm and Entertainment ?

Some years back I had the pleasure of travelling to Cincinnati and working with a fabulous band called Over the Rhine. While we were waiting in a dressing room of that city’s Coney Island Amusement Park, I noticed that the walls were covered with memorabilia from the park’s long and colourful history. In particular, there was a letter that pitched a new up-and-coming singer, a guy named Perry Como. The pitch suggested that Mr. Como would be a good fit for the venue as his show offered both "Rhythm and Entertainment." I am proud to offer the same.

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complete track credits

Listening to the myriad styles on Rhythm and Entertainment is a bit like mountain weather. If you don't like what you hear, wait 5 minutes .

Here are brief track descriptions to help you navigate the ever changing climate.


1. Souvenir Flutes (medium instrumental)- ambient,loopy,psybient, dark______ 7:53

2. Kaw-Liga (peppy instrumental) jazz, Hank Williams, bass, guitar duo______ 4:15

3. Monkey (slow heavy vocal) rock, Tom Waitsish, fat and scrappy _________ 2:31

4. Mr Hicks (peppy vocal) rock, fun,cartoony___________________________ 3:20

5. Beat For the Boneman (peppy vocal) rock, psychedelic world.____________ 3:31

6. Articles of Faith (medium heavy instrumental) rock,psychedelic, guitar______ 6:18

7. 3 Cats and a Dog (peppy instrumental) folk,world.______________________ 3:27

8. Just Like Driving (med up instrumental) jazz, saxophone,guitar___________ 6:42

9. King Kong Strutt (med vocal) rock,guitar,harmonica_____________________ 7:26

10. Mu Blues (peppy instrumental) jazz, piano trio________________________ 6:10




1. (11) Deep Breathing - One (slow instrumental) meditative, spacious____________11:10

2. (12) Self Mastery (med slow instrumental spoken word) hypnotic, piano, accordion_5:51

3. (13) Nae-Pogo (med instrumental) world, shakuhachi, percussion.______________ 6:33

4. (14) Six Legs (med/slow instrumental) floaty, piano,harmonica, accordion, _______ 4:20

5. (15) Un Beau matin (med/peppy vocal) folk, Français, trippy__________________ 3:59

6. (16) Borealis Angst ( med instrumental, spoken word) dark,brooding,ambient,guitar_6:30

7. (17) O Auctrix Vitae (med instrumental) bright, melodic, loopy, electronic_______ _ 4:14

8. (18) Ryukyu (peppy instrumental) world, shakuhachi, mandolin ,_______________ 2:52

9. (19) Little Hooves (slow vocal) hypnotic, piano, violin________________________ 4:57

10. (20) Ramblin Man (slow vocal) Hank Williams,guitar, bass____________________ 6:19

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