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MARGO TIMMINS the fabulous singer of COWBOY JUNKIES, and I am proud to say my musical collegue of over 20 years now, approached me about doing a little side project. She had chosen a handful of classic songs that had a deep resonance for her throughout her life. Songs from the pens of BOB DYLAN, GEORGE HARRISON, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, LEONARD COHEN to name but a few. We decided on a very minimal and intimate setting. Duos and trios for the most part. I enlisted the help of my favorite players, KEVIN BREIT on guitar, WITOLD GRABOWIECKI on piano and NICK CRAINE on backing vocals. I threw in a bit of guitar and bass for good measure. the recordings all took place either at my studio (my house) TY TYRFU or at Margo's home and her farm. Most takes were live off the floor as they say with very little manipulation and some were first takes.

Beautiful and elegant like the lady herself.

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