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1919 Kalamazoo Michigan

After searching the country far and wide I found this in my home town of Guelph, Ontario, Canada at Rutleges music store. It wasn’t even out on the floor. Somebody told me that they had it in the back and to ask for it. Love at first sound. A very big round sound. Very pretty high end tremolo. It had a bad train trip in 2006 but it is all better now.


GIBSON EM200 solid body electric

1958 Kalamazoo Michigan

Purchased in Boulder Colorado in the early 90’s This is really a tiny little Les Paul. I didn’t get it at first. I didn’t like it as an amplified mandolin so i put it aside for awhile. Then I got out the pedals and turned it up. Howling like a banshee or delicate and pretty. Often mistaken for an electric guitar. Check out devoted exclusively to electric mandolins.


mid 1990’s, Boseman Montana

Keiran Kane once opened for the junkies on a tour. He was playing a Flatiron Octave MandoIin. I had always wanted some sort of long scale mandolin thing. I think it had something to do with all those years listening to and playing celtic music (check out Paul Brady and the Bothy Band). The gibson artist rep came out to our Nashville shows at Keiran’s request and he set me up. They flew the mandolin out to Oregon sight unseen by moi. The mandolin and I are very good friends. A mellow reedy sound, reminiscent of older times.


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