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JEFF BIRD eponymous


This is my first solo recording
a fat and scrappy maniacal mix of original tunes with covers by Leonard
Cohen and
Randall Hylton with words by Dylan Thomas and others.

Sometimes described as "Industrial Folk" many of the pieces started as jams
with myself and the fiery drummer Randall Coryell. Songs were written over
top of these grooves often adding dense layers of sound.
When I listen to this recording now, I sometimes think that this is what
happens when you are left alone with a microphone and a tape recorder for
too long. 

Produced by Jeff Bird
Co-produced by Jeff Wolpert
Recorded at Ty Tyrfu
Engineered by Jeff Bird
Mixed at McClear Pathe by Jeff Wolpert assisted by Denis Tougas
Mastered at Musiclane by Ted Carson