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The guelph jazz festival is an amazing venue for improvised music. Every September for more than 12 years it has attracted a dedicated and enthusiastic audience from all over the world.They gather every year to be taken to the edge of the musical landscape, with  a good look over the edge as well.

To help offset the cost of this courageous event the organizers stage a series of fundraising concerts in the spring of each year. They are called "Three Tuesdays". Arni Mikelsons, a member of the board, approached me to put something together for one of the shows. I had recently met the harmonica virtuso Mike Stevens. He had been working in the world of bluegrass for years, hanging with the likes of Jim and Jesse Mc Reynolds and performing regularily at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Mike was looking for something different to cut his awsome harmonica chops on and had always expressed interest in stretching out a bit.  So far so good.  Trios being my favorite size of group for improvised music a third was needed. The fearless fiery drummer Randall Coryell was my first choice. He brings years of rock experience to the mix guaranteeing to keep fires well lit under our butts.

Mike, Randall and myself are very excited about this live recording and now release it to the public at large. Enjoy the ride.

JEFF BIRD- double bass, eight string bass, electric mandolin, percussion


MIKE STEVENS- harmonica

recorded live at the BLACK MUSTARD restaurant, Guelph, Canada by LEWIS MELVILLE, May 2005

mixed by JEFF BIRD at TY TYRFU